Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Sofia Solares, the Salena Gomez Look-a-like

Multiple fan pages have even been dedicated to the Mexican 22-year-old, including one with a description that simply reads:. “The girl who looks like Selena Gomez.”

Although Solares hasn’t reacted to the comparison on social media, she’s retweeted posts pertaining to Selena Gomez and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, including his collaboration with Hanes and her Spotify playlist.

And this isn’t the first time that fans have uncovered a SelGo doppelganger. Last year, a fashion blogger from South Africa Aisha Baker (@bakedonline) caught the attention of Gomez fans for her resemblance to the pop star. Zayn Malik’s sister, Doniya Elisha Malik, has also been said to look like Gomez.

What do you think? Does Solares look like Gomez’s twin?

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